Only One Scratch Left

 Lilla Proics

14.11. 2019.

I fully understand the restless curiosity of Yvette Feuer, Roland Rába, Eszter Gyulay and Márk Tárnoki - which shines through their performance - because this horrible true story is really telling a lot, but at the same time I was not sure if it could work as a piece of theatre…I don't know in what order or how the co-creators joined Yvette Feuer, I just know that she could not relax and be satisfied until she made it into theatre. Eszter Gyulay and Márk Tárnoki worked with the actors in such a way that the performance made it possible for the audience to feel and experience the relevant part of the family history and that of the given period as well. We get a glimpse of the Holocaust syndrome and how Alice Miller, unlike millions of others, managed to survive the Holocaust: she perfectly split off her experience as a victim and identified with the perpetrator - Alice Miller was rescued by a Polish Gestapo officer, whom she married, had children with and lived with until the children’s adulthood. The father systematically and continually tortured the children/Martin while the mother, Alice Miller, acted as an overseer, according to her son. This is difficult to understand in general and in particular, but it does a lot for the inclusiveness of the chilling theatre that we are now watching in amazement.

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